Welcome to Khaish!

Just call me the Pakistani version of Carrie Bradshaw.

Hahah hello friends, Hadia Shaikh here! Thank you for visiting my website. Khaish is a beloved space of mine that I started over two years ago. After going back and forth between having Khaish and taking it down, it has been up and running smoothly for a solid two years. I started this blog because I have one too many tabs open to count in my scattered mind. To add to this, I have so many interests and passions. I would catch myself in deep thoughts of, "Oh, that is such a great topic to talk about!" or "I wish I could share my thoughts or questions on this" or "Gosh, this art exhibit is phenomenal, I want to share this with everyone somehow" or "This meal is divine and no human has lived until they've tried it, I have to tell everyone." - You get the idea here right? I wanted a platform of my very own where I could use my voice to reach out to others. With also being an artist, I wanted a space where I could display my artwork. So, what better way than to create a website where I could have both? Thus, Khaish was born and we have been inseparable since. I hope you will read my writing and view my art but mostly, I hope that you may relate to what I express. The purpose of my writing and art is so that it may resonate with you in some way! The joy and excitement that Khaish gives me is like none other and I wish that you will also feel that as you explore the content. Thank you.

PS. If you're wondering where Khaish comes from, it is the first two letters and last two letters of my last name switched around. Shaikh --> Khaish. Voila! So, here is my "wannabe" blogga website, thank you for visiting.

-Hadia Shaikh