Hadia Shaikh

My name is Hadia Shaikh and I am a Pakistani-American who has been a native to Indianapolis, IN for a countless number of years. I am an avid museum visitor and art fanatic -which this website is sort of mainly dedicated to and all the wonders and thoughts I've encountered in my adult life. I hold a BA in Art History with one too many internships in the arts and museums. My educational adventures continue as I work towards my MA in Museum Studies. I aspire to have a career involving curatorial practices and exhibition development. I enjoy working on thematic exhibits and working with artists!

I've studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, Barcelona, Spain, and lived in Paris, France. I enjoy Islamic Art and Contemporary Art.

Firm believer in getting dressed up, going out, and sharing good wholehearted conversation even on the tiresome long days...There is nothing like a great pair of heels to put you in the greatest mood. Hardly am I found glued to my couch.

My goals list is endless but includes visiting over 100 museums, exploring the west coast, running marathons, traveling, working in curatorial or exhibit development. Follow me on my art and museum adventures through my Instagram handle: @khaishbyh.

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