Thoughts on Show, “YOU”

Netflix has this show called “You” featuring Penn Badgley… who happens to be the real reason I started watching the show because I love him as an actor (not to mention, handsome as heyallll). I finished the first season and I’m already looking forward to the second but damn! Beck. You are terrible. I never …

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Art Life

The Dream.

Sprinting in my stilettosNever losing a night out with my girlsSipping cocktails and eating goodLiving my best lifeAn apartment with a city overlookMy little American Eskimo babyWho I’d love obsessivelyHe’s already got a name, it’d be RumiWorking in a museum surrounded by beautiful artThis life, I’d give all of my heartI’d have a real man …

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What I Miss.

Laying here in bed, I was watching a movie based off of one of my favorite television show, Sex and the City (the other show being, The OC). Watching Carrie be so passionate about writing put a smile on my face and sudden nostalgia. It made me miss what I am so passionate about…art, painting, …

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