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I love going out, but I don’t want to drink?

I was at a networking event at a crowded bar downtown Indy surrounded by people holding their craft beers and vodka tonic limes. Empty handed or with a cup of water in my hand, I felt awkwardishly out of place. Whether you choose not to be a drinker for health, religious, or simply personal reasons – you can relate to what I’m saying!

So if you aren’t really into the drinking scene, what do you do? Or what do you order? Where do you even go?

You love going out. You’re young, work hard, and like to spend your free time dressing up and socializing. Downtown Indy has become a popping spot! Even more so with the warm weather. Sometimes, that can involve the presence of alcohol. You want to go out but you don’t want not-drinking to limit where you go. What places can make socializing feel normal and not out of place? What are my options?

Well…..guess what? You can go out and you can socialize and you don’t have to drink in order to have a good time! It’s very easy and there are bars downtown Indy that serve mocktails. Going out here and there, I compiled a list of places and what you can order at a bar!

  1. For starters, coke and cherry grenadine with a lime is always an excellent option. I picked up ordering this drink from a good friend of mine. I’m not a big soda person but I can never resist a cherry coke and lime. You can order this at almost any bar…unless you go to Krueger’s Tavern that doesn’t carry it….or bbq sauce. Throwin some #shade there. Good burgers but you get brownie points deducted for no cherry grenadine and bbq sauce.
  2. Ball and Biscuit – Ball and Biscuit is on Mass Ave and the bartenders can probably make any drink a mocktail but there’s one that you HAVE to try if you go! I believe it’s called “The Luminous.” It’s a concoction of passion fruit and something bubbly but it tastes so damn refreshing. Ball and Biscuit is like a go to spot before taking the evening on. I love this cute spot with dim-lighting to catch up with friends. The music is never too loud! The service is great and they have charcutrie boards. I love food. I love cheese. This place is a win.
  3. Hotel Tango – The bartenders at Hotel Tango in Fountain Square area of Downtown Indianapolis are some of the nicest people I have interacted with! If you ask for a mocktail, they’ll ask you to tell them a little bit about yourself. Based off that, they’ll whip up a drink that you are bound to love. Last time, I got something fruity with a strong pineapple flavor. It’s amazing how someone get create a drink just for you based off your personality. These bartenders GET me and they’ll get you too!
  4. Bakersfield – I love Bakersfield. If you’re not going for drinks, you’re going for their guac, queso, or tacos. I love the vibe of this bar with its open windows and outdoor patio areas. The crowd is usually young professionals which is nice for connecting. Recently, they added alcohol-free drinks to their menu. They have a drink on the menu called “Mango Coconut Fresca” which has a mango puree, coconut water, agave, and whatever else non-alcoholic with a slice of lime on the glass. I know they have another drink on the menu (which I will find out and update this list with). I’ve had the Mango Coconut Fresca drink before and I’d say it’s pretty good! It is slightly tangy with a coconut flavor.
  5. Libertine – Libertine Libertine Libertine…. This quiet little low key spot with it’s dim lights creates the perfect intimate mood post dinner. These are professional mixologists (imo). They have rotating drinks on their menu daily. If you tell them what you like and want it non-alcoholic, trust me when I say that they will make it happen.
  6. Livery – The same goes for Livery. I will admit it felt like someone rolled their eyes at me when I first asked for a non-alcoholic drink but I like to think I was just nervous about asking for one. I guess you can order a soda because it’s a lot easier to order but why would I do that? Lol. They made me a drink though and honestly, they were nice! Don’t forget that they have a rooftop. Mocktails + rooftop + summer weather = hallooooo.
  7. If all else fails, just remember that Redbull (Sugar Free, duh) is always your friend unless you’re looking to call it an early night. Let’s not also forget that some bars will always have food if you aren’t looking to spend your money on empty calories.

Ps. If you know of any places that serve mocktails or make them, shoot me an email at Thanks!
XO – Hads

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