Life and Realizations…

I think we all have an idea of how life is supposed to be. We live in our own fantasized little worlds where we view our surroundings in a particular way. There is this bizarre way of seeing life, for us.. For myself, I thought I knew everything already. One by one, I learned the most crucial life lessons that have shaped me to be who I am today. I am going to continue learning, listening, and experiencing. I’d like to share what I have learned so far in my 25 years.

-Don’t judge a book by its cover. Often the hardest are the softest. The “gym rat” could be the sweetest guy or girl in the world. The nerdy dude isn’t necessarily the book-shy or caring person either.

-Be slow to warm up, slow to trust. Be observant. Most people are good people, but not everyone is going to look out for you. Be careful but be kind.

-Quality over quantity.

-Peer pressure is stupid. Yes, in high school or in college, being a part of the cool clique or group is plain out awesome. It’s not worth it though. It never is. Do your thing, you’ll be so much more happier.

-It is okay to say no. You are not obliged to something just because someone has asked. If it is placing you in an unnecessarily stressful place.. say no! No is okay to say. They will understand.

-Removing toxic people is a must. We all like to continue with relationships or friendships because we have maintained them for a long period of time. If that person is constantly placing you in hellful (Yes, I made that up) situations, remove yourself. If that person lies over and over, remove yourself. If that person never puts others before themselves, remove yourself. If that person makes you feel like you are never needed, remove yourself. More than likely, if your relationship or friendship constantly goes through rough patches, splits, or bumps in the road – remove yourself. Stability over instability. Loyalty, honesty, laughter, communication, and reliability really are everything. It may hurt but when you step back, you’ll be much happier, once again. 🙂

-Love yourself, care for yourself. Be yourself. Be honest about who you are. Because that’s who others are going to love anyway!

-Not everything needs to be on social media. Sigh, I post every so often.. more than most of my close friends. Definitely. But it doesn’t all have to be on the newsfeed!

-You cannot change people. They have to work on it themselves.

-Go with the flow. The less expectations, the better. Keeping a clear mind and allow whatever is going to happen, to happen. Why stress?

-It is never too late to apologize.

-Moisturizer, face masks, and a good exfoliator could possibly be your best friends, as they are mine at the tender age of 25.

-Keep yourself busy and engaged! I like to read, paint, photograph, obviously blog, run (this new thing I’m trying), and spend time with loved ones. I like to travel when work allows. Don’t just sit there!

-Making friends as a 20 something year old has proven to be challenging. Can’t keep up with this adult life.

-The chase and the games are stupid.

-What a person says about others, says more about them than it does about others. Be a nice person and quit talking poorly if you are guilty of it. Silence is better than negative words.

-Experiences over materialistic shiz.

-It is important to love what you do. Always. Seriously.

…..and when I have many more life realizations in the years to follow, I will update! 🙂

Xo. – Hads

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