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Thinking of you..xo Safa.

It was 3:36 in the morning… just another late night where Safa would get her usual five or six hours of mediocre sleep. She was scrolling through her Instagram feed when her mind unconsciously wandered to the search bar. Safa didn’t think before she even typed in the first letter of his name…“I” Despite all these months following the abrupt ending over trivial matters and the awkward encounters where they should have greeted one another as friends, but left as strangers. Safa’s mind always wandered back to him from time to time. He was always different than any man she ever felt for which was absurd based on their three moments they shared together. Unique. Distinct. Appealing. Suave. Dashing. He was it. “Wow, he looks so handsome in that button down…and he always did in his work suits,” She thought, scrolling through his recent posts.

She couldn’t stop thinking about the night she met him and how it was right out of a romance movie. It had become very hard to believe in a “meant to be” kind of moment or “happily ever after” after that. It was very, Sex and the City – Carrie Bradshaw moment, to be exact. It also became the moment where Safa grew so guarded. “How was it that someone could show her affection and kindness and then never look back?” She thought. “Weirdo.” Nonetheless, she continue to think about her first encounter with him. Safa was at least 4 shots of Vegas Bombs a few cocktails deep into her birthday night. She was out at her favorite club celebrating by dancing with a few of her closest girlfriends. She left with one of her girls, Lulu, to get water from the bar. She rested her chin on her left hand and placed her arm on the cool granite stone as she waited for the beardly bartender to make his way towards her.

That night was a blur for Safa. It was 2AM and it was her 29th birthday where a plethora of cocktails and shots were involved but turning around to speak to Lulu and seeing him was as clear as daylight. Him, in his black sports blazer and black leather sneakers, the mole on the left cheek and beady chocolate brown eyes. Her, in the coral hip-hugging dress that accentuated all of her curves, tan skin and big hazel eyes. All Safa remembered from that night was them bonding over random interests and her drunkenly poking at his mole. He ditched his friends to spend time with her, buying her a birthday drink she never bothered to touch. She chuckled thinking about how she obsessed over the cheek mole. “Still the cutest thing in the world.”

That was an encounter Safa never forgot even months later. She laid in bed with her legs crossed, staring at the texture in the ceilings for a few seconds before shaking her head lightly and shrugging her shoulders. She took a heavy deep breath to her nose and switched to a memes page. “Boys are so weird,” she thought before falling asleep with her phone on her chest.

XO – Hads

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